November 21-22, 2019


East Lansing, Michigan

Kellogg Center

Michigan State University



November 21-22, 2019 | East Lansing, MI


Accessibility is an integral part of our professional, educational, recreational, economic, and civic lives. But at the core of accessibility are people and their stories. This year at the Accessible Learning Conference, we’re providing a space for those stories to come alive.


Join us in East Lansing this fall to help craft and communicate the narratives that shape accessibility and the experience of students, faculty, staff, and community members in the educational sphere and beyond.

DATE: November 21-22, 2019

LOCATION: East Lansing, Michigan; Kellogg Center; Michigan State University

THEME: “Storytelling”

So this conference is all about accessible learning. Three days of work all associated with accessibility. This conference has brought together people to discuss all the various component parts of creating an accessible learning environment. An opportunity for individuals to build their networks around accessibility. We’re probably looking at about 190 attendees this year. The energy here at this conference has really been one in which people are sharing, they’re excited, and they all want to learn more. I like to have many voices in a conversation and so this place provides that opportunity. An accessibility conference like this is really valuable because it helps me think about why accessibility is important. Everyone is affected by it everyone is involved in it. This conferencing is a way to learn more about what’s being done. Well, what contrast checker do you use when you’re posting stuff on the web? Well I use this one, and I use this one but I hadn’t heard about that one. No matter what type of content you’re creating you need to be able to make it accessible to everyone. The type of people you see here will really help you move forward on your own path. It’s one of the things that can bring people together from every place. I think any student can find valuable information here about a section of their peers that they might not know about. There’s just a lot of great people working in accessibility. That’s not like a field that I knew existed before college. I’m the only accessibility coordinator, so I really enjoy coming here and being able to get ideas from other people and find new resources and take those back. I don’t think you can come into the situation and walk away being like well I just didn’t learn anything because there is so much more to always learn. So anyone with an interest in education, educational best practices, educational technology. We have to have many people at the table. It’s brand new information for everyone involved so it’s really exciting I really enjoy it.